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  • Booklets are a great way for any type of organization to share information and catch someone's eye.
  • But it can sometimes be difficult to staple them with a regular stapler. But Max has you covered!
  • This Handy Booklet Stapler works two ways; one the regular orientation and another with the cartridge swinging out so the staples are turned 90 degrees.
  • It can staple together up to 15 sheets at once. The throat depth is 2-3/4" and it holds up to 50 staples (product number MAX 10-1M).
  • Great for Pamphlets or Booklets! You can use as a booklet or regular stapler.
  • LOAD CAPACITY : 50 staples
  • STAPLE : No.10-5M, No.10-1M

Achieve light to dark velvety tones depending on pressure applied during use. Perfect for preliminary sketches or basic composition work. Blending easily with paper stump, sharpen with fine sand paper.

  • WILLOW Charcoal Thin (Round)  3s
  • WILLOW Charcoal Medium (Round) 3s
  • VINE Charcoal (1 Square 2 Round) 3s

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  • Absorb the water more than 400% of self-weight
  • Perfect for washing cars & motorcycles 
  • Ideal in kitchens, toilets
  • For Home Use
  • Top Quality and durable
  • soft and won`t break up

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  • Odorless water-based glue.
  • Glue becomes transparent after drying.
  • Suitable on several applications and tough adhesion.
  • Laminated tube is easy for squeezing.
  • Big cap with ventilation.
  • Very narrow nozzle ideal for fine crafts.

 Elephant Heavy Duty Scissor 8.5in

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  • Able to cut papers by special thickness of stainless steel blades
  • Finger rest is made from rubber which reduce hand-stiffness
  • Made from high quality plastic, rubber, and stainless steel

3M Scotch Kids Scissors

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  •  Elephant Heavy Duty Scissor 8.5in
  • Stainless steel blades designed for safetyHandle designed for both right and left handed users
  • 5" Length
  • Free 3M Scotch Glue Stick

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  • material:paper
  • size:10.4cm x 14.4cm
  • weight:about 55g
  • Applicable scene:school,office,daily planning,gifts
  • Color : in pic
  • Organized Key 32 pcs
  • The lock which secured by key
  • Key rack can be written or typed on for quick and easy identification
  • Suitable for companies, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, schools, shops, and personal residences
  • Label Transport with greater precision - Fine knives pick up the carrier paper and transport it safely and genty. The result : A precise dispending action for long time to come.
  • Universal Presure Device - Smooth initiation of printing and dispensing action results in a uniform printed image.
  • Improved Printing Mechanism- Individual prints scheme (fonts, special shapes etc)

- Suitable for handicraft
- Wrap gift box
- Accessories
- Beatiful design


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  • Size A7
  • Quality Paper
  • 40pages 
  • Plain Pages

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  • Massage strength level adjustable
  • Portable and convenient
  • U sharp design
  • Artificial human massage technique
  • Suitable for office worker, IT field worker, students, driver, gamer, children
  • the neck massager has a built-in thermostat, and the 42°C warmth penetrates the neck skin and deeply relaxes the neck muscles.
  • Packaging Size : 18.70cm x 6 x 16.7
  1. Chess
  • 1 Cheessboard
  • 16 white chessmen
  • 16 black chessmen

       2.  Colour Sudoku

  • 1 game board with storage
  • 81 number chips from 1-9 in 9 diffferent colours
  • 1 puzzle table (40 games)
  • 1 puzzle table answer

       3. Make a Pair

  • 1 game board
  • 36 chessman
  • 36 labels
  • Assorted shape design
  • Easily be painted
  • Suitable to make welcome board
  • Ideal material for decorative DIY projects
  • Easy to make by your hands only
  • Creating your creativity with various design
  • Suitable for children
  • A lovely bag outgoing with you
  • PVE material
  • 11cm x 11cm
  • Minimalist design