(10pcs) Wholesales - Packaging Carton Box (Kotak Container Barang Kotak Murah Borong) 12 sizes
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Size (L x W x H) 82 cm x 3 cm x 68 cm
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Packaging Box
12 different size packaging box. Small - large boxes for packing, shipping and storage items like kitchen supplies, pillows, clothing, toys, lampshades, and other light objects.

Who should use PACKAGING BOX ?
- Parent : Using for storage box
- Online Seller : Use for packaging

Why buy craft. E PACKAGING BOX ?
Most products, excepting only large equipment and durable goods of substantial size, reach customers packaged in boxes. Boxes also hold goods temporarily when people or institutions move. Boxes are so overwhelmingly present in every area of lifethe home, office, warehouse, retail store, hospital, school, and factorythat we tend no longer to see them. In a manner of speaking we look through them and see the products they hold. We acknowledge their utility by saving them in attics and basements for shipping a package or storing goods we do not immediately need.
- Pack your bulkier and small items in packaging boxes
- Perfect for packing several light items or large bulky items
- Most uncomfortable shaped items can be placed inside these boxes
- Commonly placed items in these boxes are decorative lamps or figurines
- Ideal for any awkward leftover items throughout the house.
- Single Wall Box
- Available 12 different size
T1 (36cm X 28cm X 52cm)
T2 (28cm X 22cm X 51.5cm)
T3 (26cm X 20cm X 42cm)
T4 (22cm X 18cm X 35cm)
T5 (18cm X 16cm X 28cm)
T6 (17.5cm X 14cm X 25cm)
T7 (15cm X 12cm X 22.5cm)
T8 (13.5cm X 10.5cm X 20.5cm)
T9 (13cm X 10cm X 19cm)
T10 (11.5cm X 9cm X 17.5cm)
T11 (10cm X 8cm X 14cm)
T12 (8.5cm X 7.5cm X 13cm)

Contents :
1x Craft. E 12 Different Size Single Wall Packaging Box (Packing/Shipping/Storage Box)-Per Box

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