Glues & Adhesive
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Highlights :


- Two types: small (20 W) & big (80 W)

- Outstanding quality

- Fast, easy and simple

- Ultra-fast heating

- For arts and crafts and quick, easy patch-ups, nothing beats a hot glue gun

- For a wide range of usage: toys and models, plastic, fabric, artificial flower, corkboard, decorations, furniture, woodworking, cardboard and much more


- 3 size: 12mm / 18mm / 24mm x 40 yards
- Clear
- No objectional order, non-toxic, tasteless, environment protection
- Anti-aging, anti corrosion, long shelf life, no discoloration
- Excellent holding capacity, waterproof, heat resistant and antifreezing
- Strong adhesion
- High tensile strength, durable, viscosity, good elongation
- Used in strapping, sealing, wrapping, shipping, packaging, bundle, decoration and so on
- Suitable for office, factory, school, household, supermarket and so on


- Easy to use
- Low Odour
- No white traces (transparent)
- High viscosity (semi-fluid)
- Multi-use can apply on most of the surface such as wood, plastic, paper, canvas, metal, phone case, jewelry, fabric, etc.
- Needle tip