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**Thailand No.1** Nara Professional Clay - Flower Clay 500/250 gram (En71 European Non Toxic)
Price RM10.45 RM14.90
Product SKU 28854500018360
Brand Nara
Size (L x W x H) 19 cm x 4 cm x 10 cm

To Art Lover, Professional Artist, Crafter, Art Center, Beginners, Parents & Kids.

Want to Start Making Flower ?
Clay flowers are a popular and fun craft for people of all ages. Its easy to make jewelry, buttons, or accessories with your clay flowers. The easiest and most popular flowers to make with flower are daisies and roses, but you can add your own style to any flower that you make. Dont be afraid to get creative and make your own type of flower! That's what this Nara Flower Clay brings u this product. Use them to launch yourself into the world of jewelry-making and beautiful flower so you, too, can proclaim it the world's best hobby.

(+) Nara Global has been manufacturing modeling clay for over 45 years since year 1971
(+) With the vision to be a main player in modeling clay industry with innovative mindset, we aim to achieve fruitful sustainable growth and creating value in our products and service.
(+) In addition one of companys missions is to produce good quality product while simultaneously supporting the learning culture within organization.
(+) Nara philosophy Always give our customer the best thing
(+) Vision To be global leading company in High Quality Modeling materials
(+) Mission- Provide the high quality products, One time delivery, Continuous improvement processes

Nara Flower Clay
(+) Water based, air drying modelling materials that dries translucent, can bend and twist completely without breaking or shattering as it has high flexibility and high elasticity. It can also be pulled into thin petal-like shapes making it perfect for making flowers, as the stems and petals will bend freely without breaking after it has completely dried. Oil based colours and inks can also be mixed in while working with the clay. After leaving it to dry completely for 24-48 hours, acrylic or poster paints can be applied. Its shelf life is approximately 1 year.
(+) Special Tip :
- Flower clay need to kept in an airtight storage in order for the clay to remain soft.
- Flower clay can be mixed with oil-based colours and can be painted with water or acrylic paints.
- Recommendation for sculpting flower petals
- When dried, can bend 360 and twist without breaking
- When active, can adhere easily itself without any glue

(+) BEGINNER- Easy step like 1,2,3 and done.
(+) LOVING PARENT- Provide the best experience for your children and avoid gadget addiction
(+) CRAFTER, PROFESSIONAL ARTIST- Can make your masterpiece art creation.
(+) LADIES You might love a rare and the only jewelry design in the world.

1 x Flower Clay 250/500 grams

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