**Thailand No.1** Nara Air Hardening Clay - 500 gram (En71 European Non Toxic) - paper clay
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When was the last time your child tried doing something new?

Few people are fortunate enough to begin doing what they love in childhood. Many spend their entire lives finding themselves, searching for the things that make them feel alive, fulfilled, and satisfied.

Too often, they never truly come into their own, and carve out their niche in this world. Many talents are left undiscovered.

Have you found your hobby, the activity you love doing and make time to do as often as is possible?

We are blessed with our child is a beautiful gift of life, and there is so much to do and enjoy. If its possible, help your child find his hobby early in life. It will be so satisfying to see him excel, as he gains confidence and pride in a well done job.

So, now it is time to start new hobby with NARA Air Hardening Clay. Lets feel much fun and exciting time with us.

(+) Nara Global has been manufacturing modeling clay for over 45 years since year 1971
(+) With the vision to be a main player in modeling clay industry with innovative mindset, we aim to achieve fruitful sustainable growth and creating value in our products and service.
(+) In addition one of companys missions is to produce good quality product while simultaneously supporting the learning culture within organization.
(+) Nara philosophy Always give our customer the best thing
(+) Vision To be global leading company in High Quality Modeling materials
(+) Mission- Provide the high quality products, one time delivery, Continuous improvement processes

(+) It is an air-drying modeling material mixed with a special fiber, which strengthens the product when it dried, making it harder and tougher than normal air-hardening clay.
(+) It is relatively fast drying (depending on the size of the project) and will completely dry within 24-48 hours, once dried the project will hold its shape and be durable.
(+) After it has dried, it can be painted with acrylic paints to perfect the final outcome.
(+) It is perfect for creating model figurines or for decorative projects around the house. Air hardening clay needs to be kept in airtight storage in order to remain soft not dry after used. Its shelf life is approximately 1.5 years.
(+) Come with 4 colors - White, Grey, Terracotta and Skin.
(+) BEGINNER- Easy step like 1,2, 3 and done.
(+) LOVING PARENT- Provide the best sculpturing experience for your children and avoid gadget addiction
(+) CRAFTER, PROFESSIONAL ARTIST - Can make your masterpiece art creation.
(+) KIDS To develop their creative imagination and expose to learning and trying new things.

1 x Air Hardening Clay 500 Grams.

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