Nara Pottery Ceramic Clay - 500 gram (En71 European Standard - Non Toxic)
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Size (L x W x H) 11 cm x 5 cm x 23 cm
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Are you a professional sculpture?
Hard to find ceramic clay for professional sculptures and model makers?
Dont have much time for processing a soil to clay?
I want to try sculpture things, how and where should I get the raw material?
My clay always dried after a few hours. So, I should finish my works before its dried.
(+) Nara Global has been manufacturing modeling clay for over 45 years since year 1971
(+) With the vision to be a main player in modeling clay industry with innovative mindset, we aim to achieve fruitful sustainable growth and creating value in our products and service.
(+) In addition one of companys missions is to produce good quality product while simultaneously supporting the learning culture within organization.
(+) Nara philosophy Always give our customer the best thing
(+) Vision To be global leading company in High Quality Modeling materials
(+) Mission- Provide the high quality products, One time delivery, Continuous improvement processes

(+) It is a heavyweight material that comes from the earth. Often used in the making of ceramic pieces, the finished product needs to be fired in kiln at 1,000 to 1,200C. Ceramic clay does dry if it is left out in the air.
(+) To reactive the clay just adds water to moisten the dry sections and resume constructing your masterpiece.
(+)Ceramic clay need to be kept in airtight storage in order to remain soft and not dry out. Its shelf life approximately 1.5 years

(+) Special Tip:
- Its strength is suitable for carving and making prototype for silicone or plastic moulds.
- Keep in normal temperature (not over 27c)
- Soften the sculpture clay before shaping to achieve a smooth finish

(+) BEGINNER- Easy step like 1,2,3 and done.
(+) CRAFTER, PROFESSIONAL ARTIST- The clays density is very high and is amazing at achieving very fine details. It is an oil based modeling material meaning it will not dry out after being left in the air and can be worked over again and again.
(+) MODEL MAKERS Perfect for make 3D model prototype.

3 colors available: White, Grey and Terracotta
1 x Ceramic Clay 500 Grams

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