Mont Marte
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- Ideal for fluid art
- Improves the flow of acrylic paints
- Increases paint transparency
- Dries clear
- This versatile medium can also be used to create smooth brush strokes in regular acrylic painting


- Use this acrylic pouring medium to thin acrylic paints and mediums, or to dilute binders
- Increases the translucency of acrylic paints without effecting their colour intensity and vibrancy
- Enhances the flow of acrylic paints
- Highly versatile

  • increases the flow of paint
  • slightly increases the drying time of acrylics allowing paint to be more easily blended
  • ideal for creating thin glazes, washes and watercolour effects without reducing the adhesive qualities or colour strength.
  • modelling paste dries white
  • may be over-painted with acrylic or oil paint
  • Non-toxic
  • using Gesso on a pre-primed canvas gives your painting a smoother, more even surface
  • the smooth surface allows paint to flow freely and won't get lost in the weave of the canvas
  • reduces acidity levels of paper and wood, giving your painting longer life when using these supports.
  • 500ml / 250ml