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- Artist quality
- Brilliant colour tones
- Contain transparent paint that's made with high-quality pigments and binders for smooth, even washes

- Perfect for aspiring, student, and novice artists, it also makes a great gift
- Can be thinned with water to create transparent layers of color
- Proudly Crafted in Holland on triple roll mills
Set of 12, 12 ml tubes - This set includes one tube each of Chinese White, Yellow, Scarlet, Alizarin Crimson, Cobalt Blue (Ultramarine), Cerulean Blue (Phthalo), Yellowish Green, Deep Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, and Payne's Grey.
Set of 24, 12 ml tubes - This set includes one tube each of Chinese White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow, Raw Sienna, Vermilion, Scarlet, Alizarin Crimson, Carmine, Violet, Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue (Ultramarine), Cerulean Blue (Phthalo), Prussian Blue, Yellowish Green, Light Green, Deep Green, Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Payne's Grey, and Ivory Black.


- 0.5mm

- Ball Pen

- Material: Plastic

- Can make as a special gift to your best friend.


- 3 size: 12mm / 18mm / 24mm x 40 yards
- Clear
- No objectional order, non-toxic, tasteless, environment protection
- Anti-aging, anti corrosion, long shelf life, no discoloration
- Excellent holding capacity, waterproof, heat resistant and antifreezing
- Strong adhesion
- High tensile strength, durable, viscosity, good elongation
- Used in strapping, sealing, wrapping, shipping, packaging, bundle, decoration and so on
- Suitable for office, factory, school, household, supermarket and so on


Highlights :

- Can be written on using chalk
- Strong and sturdy
- Multi-use, suitable for all art and craft projects
- Versatile and economical

  • Pocket size (Upin&Ipin, Kampung Boy, Boboiboy -7cm x 7.5cm/86 sheets) (StarWars, Robocar Poli - 6.3cm x 6.3cm/76 sheets)
  • Special 3d animation design 

Highlights :

- 40-54 based on the design (A3 Size sticker paper)
- Simplify your life
- Flexible and humidity resistant
- Convenient to carry with its unique design
- Suitable for indoor or outdoor with the waterproof function
- Printed using a high-end machine on transparent sticker paper
- Label spice jar, fridge supplies, soda jar, milk bottle, etc. in the kitchen

-  Design 1 to Design 12 are readymade design
- If you wish to custom with your own list, chat us for the list name, click custom on the order, make payment, give us the details based on the form.