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  • Surface is made of coral fleece, soft and comfortable,non slip latex bottom,inter lining is memory foam, memory foam differs from other bathroom mats that it's more easy to clean and will molds to the shape of its individual body, so it feels more comfortable and soft.
  • Our memory foam rugs come with a skid resistant backing that adds a measure of safety on hard (and potentially wet) surfaces.
  • Rubber backing helps prevent the rug from sliding
  • Soft to touch,qualitied looking lift up the taste of your room
  • Mildew resistant ,non-skid backing,strong water absorbent
  • More comfortable and soft,greater elasticity
  • Easy to clean and dry quickly
  • Material : coral fleece+Memory Foam
  • Size : 60x40cm
  • Halal Hair Dye
  • Efficacy Natural Hair Dye
  • Natural & Fancy Color
  • Long Lasting Color
  • Free From Harmful Chemicals
  • No Side Effects
  • Easy To Use

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  • Specification:  
  • Material: Shell eco-friendly plastic
  • Packing Size: 18x12cm / 7.09x4.72''
  • Packing Includes:  

           36 x color pens

           24 x color crayons

           24 x color wax sticks 

           24 x color pencils 

           12 x color powder pigments 

           20 x plastic paper clips 

           1 x ruler

           1 x pencil 

           1 x rubber 

           1 x pencil sharpener 

           1 x plastic Scissors 

           1 x pigment brush 

           1 x pigment tray 

           1 x glue 

           1 x white plastic

           1 x stapler


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  • Can effectively kill ant and cockroach, keeping you away from those annoying insects
  • Very easy to use: just put the powder bait at the place that those ant haunt
  • Can remain killinginsects efficacy for a long time under dry conditions
  • An attractant with strong effect and a bait insects love to eat.
  • A powerful and immediate killing effect.
  • This products can be placed in cracks, corners, and areas around at home, in hotel, hospital, malls, food stores, supermarkets, schools, cars, on ships or planes, etc.
  • Place the bait where ants are frequently observed, with each spot about 1g and 5 to 8g per square meter, If the place is heavily infested, double the dosage. For better effect, fill up the bait whenever it is gone.
  • Place the bait technically and preserve the product at cool and dry places.
  • It is of vital importance to remind you that this product is of slight toxicity, thus you must keep this product away from pets,food, water and other foodstuff or tableware, etc.
  • After in contact with this product, you should wash your hands carefully with soap water without exception; and keep this product at place beyond children's reach.

Foldable Children Play Tent

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  • Newest baby children kids outdoor & indoor playing house tent, ocean ball pool.
  • Red Polka Dot theme play pen for children with safety meshing for child play visibility.
  • Set up or put away a playground in seconds with its twist technology. Adult supervision required.
  • Made from extra-sturdy material for a longer life
  • It is great for indoor or outdoor use ideal for backyard, parks, parties, day care and more comes complete with sturdy poles for quick and easy assembly.
  • Its small size is easy to fit in compact home or kids room.
  • Dimensions of play tent (open) : 100cmX100cmX30.5cm


Colorful Baby Play Balls


  • High quality material, non-toxic, no smell
  • Play this balls with tent, very funny
  • It will not hurt your baby
  • Good and safe toy for your baby
  • Give baby a happy ocean world
  • .Material: Environmental protection PE plastic
  • .Diameter: 5.5cm
  • Single weight: 3g
  • Suitable age: 1-6 years old

- made by original wood pulp

- no additional chemicals

- 300 sheets 100 pulls

- 120mm x 175mm

- 3 ply tissue

- no baterials (process by 450 degrees)

- High Water adsorb ability