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- 2D Ring
- Width of the file is different from each model
- White colour design
- Non-volatile compound
- 4 model available: 2D 25mm / 40mm / 50mm / 65mm
- Water resistant
- Durable heavy duty rings
- Equipped with transparent interior storage pocket

  • Office Grade Scissors
  • Made by stainless steel
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Sharpe blade
  • Black colour durable holder
  • available in 4 size: 5,6,7,8 inches 

Highlight :

  • Color: White / Black
  • Material: Nylon
  • Sigle Dot Tape Size: 10mm / 15mm / 20mm / 25mm
  • Strong adhesive, it sticks well even in wet conditon
  • Easy to peel off from the backing film and stick firmly on the wall
  • Made of quality polyester and nylon material, they are tenacious and durable
  • Backing film is waterproof and can roll up without kink mark
  • Double sided design is more practiacl

Highlight :

  • NATURAL, NON-TOXIC, DEET FREE - Green Natural Mosquito Sticks are completely Harmless. Citronella Lemongrass Sticks that is not dangerous for humans or pets. Many benefits and a good home remedy and a great way to target those Flying bugs
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOOR USE: The Scent from our Sticks are perfect for any outdoor area. Use it on your Patio, Backyard, Swimming Pool, Camping, Beach or even outside the kitchen or around the house. This is an essential product to have when entertaining guests outside your home. Put it on the floor near the area where you are sitting to control the mosquitoes
  • LONG BURNING TIME - Each Stick will last up to 1 hour. Long life lemon grass Repellent Sticks You can also light a few together for a better result.Stop mosquitoes from entering your area. No more red itch spots. Get rid of the little flying bugs
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are so confident in the Quality and Satisfaction that we warrant that our product would be free from Defects
  • Paste directly without preparation
  • Block the water outlet instantly when pasting, even if the water does not stop
  • Super sticky, durable waterproof seal
  • Underwater paste is also applicable
  • Excellent stickiness and plasticity
  • Anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance
  • Jimator Tape can be cut with sharp scissors or a utility knife
  • Jimator Tape does not need to be cured, and adhesion will become stronger over time
  • Jimator Tape is so powerful that it can be used on most wet surfaces-it can even be used underwater, as long as it ensures continuous pressure
  • Color: black, Transparent
  • Name: Grid Transparent File Bag
  • Thickness: Moderate
  • Size: A4 (34cm * 24cm)
  • Size: A6 (22.5cm * 11cm)
  • Material: transparent waterproof PVC
  • Purpose: storing documents, books, etc.
  • Features: waterproof, durable, transparent grid
  • Color: Color selection (blue, green, white, pink, yellow)