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- 60 sheets

- Acid free paper

- Thickness : 100 gsm

- Size : A3 Size (29.7 x 42.0cm)

- Suitable for any type of media, marker, charcoal, pencil, colored pencil, pen

- Strong black wire binding/pad binding

- Thick grey board at the back

- Suitable for beginner and professional use



- 237 ml

- Increase transparency, depth and gloss of colour

- Good brush stroke retention

- Mix with colour from 10% upwards

- Maintains no colour shift from wet to dry when used with acrylic 



  • Durable, shock-proof material. This palette is made of a bulletproof glass material so it is shock and stain resistant within the palette.
  • Its symmetrical design is good for both left-handed and right-handed artists.
  • It has two larger pans which can be very useful for colors you frequently use.
  • Because of the larger pan and high partition design, the pan can hold much more paint than it could before.


  • Durable, shock-proof material
  • Crystal clear interior for true color represetation
  • 38 slanted wells, angled for user-friendly, easy access
  • Large, uninterrupted mixing areas in lid with dual spaces in base
  • Comfortable thumb grip for left- or right-handed artists
  • Two (2) non-skid rubber bumpers for tabletop stability
  • Product Size: 14.5" x 14.75" open; 7.5" x 14.5" closed

- Dijamin Halal
- Buatan Malaysia
- Net Weight: 450gsm
- Contain 100pcs of 4.5g chocolate
- for snack
- 25% bigger & chocolate taste
- Mini bites perfect for sharing

PLEASE bear in mind :


Kindly be noted that this option does not determine that chocolates won’t melt during delivery as it will still depends on the time of delivery and the weather. However, it will sure prevent/slow down the melting.

We don’t take charge of chocolate melting if you didn’t opt for this option.