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*Comes with tinted color barrel
*Smooth writing
*High color intensity ink
*Needle point
*Unique ventilated cap
*Point Size: 0.5 mm & 0.7 mm
*Ink colors : Black, Blue & Red

  • Clearly marked metric graduations
  • Foldable and flexible plastic easy to bend.
  • Small and portable, pocket friendly
  • Clearly marked metric graduations
  • Suitable for engineer / architect / students

- Press button file

- Durable folder

- Waterproof

- Fit for A4 size (23.5 cm x 33cm)

- Beautiful design


Hightlight :

  • Text pages: 90 sheets
  • Specifications: about 8.3 X 10.5cm & 7.5 X 11cm
  • Cover material: paper
  • Paper weight: 88g
  • Uses: Office and school
  • Christmas gifts: Yes
  • Birthday gift: Yes
  • Gender: Boy and girl
  • Signature: School; Office; Diary; Sationery;Student

- Suitable for kids         

- Compact size                                     

- Fascinating design and theme

- Waterproof

  • Suitable for children
  • Perfect gift for your family and friends
  • 0.5mm

- 3 theme to choose

- Staple binding

- Easy to carry around

- Mini size 14.2 cm x 20 cm

- 70 gsm

- 36 pages including cover


- Suitable for kids

- Compact size

- Fascinating design and theme


Highlight :

  • Non Toxic
  • Suitable for kids party gifts
  • Vibrant Color
  • Great for use at home or school
  • Fine point needle tip.
  • Perfect for fine writing.
  • Available in blue, black and red ink.
  • made in malaysia
  • Jawi body
  • 0.5mm

Highlight :

  • Ready to use fabric paint
  • For silk screen and fabric painting
  • Excellent and vibrant colours
  • Good opacity and fast drying
  • Recommend for fabric, cotton, canvas, t-shirt, jean, canvas shoes.
  • Content: 220gram
  • Please put a cloth on top the painting and iron after painting for best result
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suitable to use as price lable
  • Reusable
  • Available in two types


- ± 80 gm

- Practical and widely used

- Suitable for all kinds of solid wood furniture, wood flooring, solid wood craft and etc. 

- Helps to increase moisture, texture and prevent crack, remove scuff, grease and grime on the wood surface

  • Stainless Steel
  • Available in 2 sizes: 8cm and 12 cm (Include holder)
  • After fold: 4cm and 6.5cm
  • New high quality
  • A simple, well-made tool that does it's job quickly & efficiently inexpensive.
  • Spring-action jaws for ease of use
  • Very useful and practical tool for variety of material, fishing line, fabric,thread.
  • Inexpensive and economical enough to own several for different areas of your home, the garage, tackle box, sewing kit, glove box, survival kits, School, office, Handcrafted etc.

Colorless Megilp

- Colorless megilp is a refined, pure, transparent, colorless and high quality liquid without any impurities and side effects. It can give the oil color a unique texture and make it more sense of moist and adhesion. The painter will feel the painting particularly fluency. So if mix colors with this megilp, the painting would maintain the the original color tone unchanged for a long time and is particularly notable when blending with higher brightness colors and whites.

Odorless Thinner

- A colorless transparent liquid and crystal clear and pure without impurities, volatile, evaporated and no residue. Is one of the important medium of oil painting. It has strong solvency. Can be use for mixing oil colors or dilute relatively thick oil painting medium.

Turpentine for Painting

- Turpentine is a transparent and colorless liquid from the refined SAP of pine-tree. Pure and without impurities. To dilute colors with or wash painting brush and tools. It can also be used with other oil medium to mix oil colors but has less adhesion. 

Odorless Turpentine

- Odorless turpentine is tranparent, colorless, smelless, pure and glittering and with no foreign matter in it. It is an important material in oil painting. It is use to dilute colors with or wash painting brush and tools. It can also be used with other oil medium to mix oil colors. Refined with advanced technology of deodorization, it has no odour and suitable for indoor painting.