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  • Perfect size for those who like their tissues on the petite side
  • Extra strong facial tissue will hold up to any sneeze, wipe or sniffle
  • Knitted Fiber Technology making our tissues Extra Strong, Extra Soft, Extra Absorbent
  • 100% virgin pulp sourced from North and South America
  • Absorbent, disposable facial tissues
  • Rely on durable, 3-ply thickness for each sheet
  • Knitted Fiber (Stronger & Softer)

- Awesome and cute design
- 3 ply x 60 sheets
- Printing cute image on tissue
- Absorb water perfectly
- Suitable for all


Highlights :
- Bag Heat Sealer Capper, Plastic Bag Sealing Machine, Family Mini Impulse Sealer For Snack Food Saver Storage and Creates Airtight Containers, Make Food Fresh. Light and Handy
- Mini and portable. Also a perfect gift to family and friends.
- Magnetic bottom for easily attaches to refrigerators
- Available: Pink


Highlight :

  • Native wood pulp, no dust, no migrating phosphor.
  • Ideal for public, private, and employee restrooms.
  • Hypoallergenic, BPA-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, non-GMO certified, making you completely transparent and unrivalled excellence.
  • 5-Layer paper towel, absorbs strong water and can be opened to deal with any mess.

Highlight :

  • Premium quality non-woven fabric material which is food-safe and non-toxic
  • Stretchable, lint-free and no coloring
  • Strong decontamination ability and strong cleaning power
  • Dry and wet dual-use, strong water & oil absorption
  • Convenient tearing point: easily tear & use.
  • Multi-purpose which is suitable for daily oily kitchen cleaning, dust removal, cleaning the car and any type of cleaning work
  • Economical, reusable and disposable: Each cleaning rag can be reused 3-5 times, which is more environmentally friendly and economical than kitchen paper. Of course, you can use it to throw it away at once for hygiene
  • 30 pcs per roll, so a roll of towels replaces 50 kitchen towels ! Completely replace kitchen towels.
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 189 gram
  • Material: High Quality Non-woven Fabric
  • Size: 25cm X 7cm
  • Type: Cleaning Equipments

Highlight :

  • Lint and scratch* free.
  • Can be used dry, damp or wet and with or without cleaning chemicals.
  • Ideal for all bathroom cleaning needs,showers, bathtubs & mirrors.
  • Leaving no trace Ash ability to super, and easy to clean, easy to use, so that the glass screen and stainless steel containers become a new class is very easy to use household necessities
  • Strong water absorption,Durable use, long life use,No pilling,Easy to wash, fastness,No scratch, soft fabric.
  • Hygienic, soft and comfortable, antibacterial, durable, environmentally friendly, absorbent.
  • Size: 25x25cm
  • Colour: green,blue,beige,purple

Highlight :

  • This stainless steel cleaning Safely removes built-up grease, stains, rust and scale, oxidation, water marks, ink, corrosion, scuff marks, permanent marker and much more.
  • Naturally Plant Formula,Non-toxic and Odor-free!
  • This superb product cleans all types of enamel, porcelain, ovens, cookware, patio furniture. Suitable for ovens /Glass ceramic stoves/Bath tubs, tiles, sinks
  • Directions for use: This product is a mild abrasive and care should be taken on delicate surfaces to avoid scratching. Unplug electrical appliances before cleaning.
  • This product is a mild abrasive and care should be taken on delicate surfaces to avoid scratching.
  • Unplug electrical appliances before cleaning.
  • Read instructions before use. Full use instructions printed on the packaging.
  • Size: 10 x 8.5 x 6.5cm
  • Weight : 500 gram

Highlight : 

  • Antibacterial, deodorant
  • Fast water absorption
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Fine fiber fabric
  • Does not hurt the skin, not allergic

- made by original wood pulp

- no additional chemicals

- 300 sheets 100 pulls

- 120mm x 175mm

- 3 ply tissue

- no baterials (process by 450 degrees)

- High Water adsorb ability


Hiighlight :

  • Gold power frosted packaging - exquisite packaging, exquisite life, give you a different feeling
  • Four-layer thickening, delicate and skin-friendly - four layers od texture soft and thick cotton, not easy to break
  • No chipping - the paper is not easy to break feel at ease to use
  • Not broken when wet, wet and dry dual purpose - soft and comfortable when dry, it is not easy to break when use wet and will not dirty hans when wiped
  • No fluorescent agent, safer to use - in order to use safety, high quality, no added health
  • Virgin wood pulp
  • 116 x 175mm - 400 sheets per package
  • four ply