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  • children will learn about the corona virus and how to avoid it
  • Exciting activities such as coloring, completing images, tracking, will make children more aware of the importance of maintaining their health in the midst of the coronal plague.
  • Educational books
  • Introduces the number,alphabet,colouring and covid-19 in a superb way
  • Suitable for toddlers and preschoolers
  • 32 pages

- Suitable for kids 2-6 years old
- Material: Sponge
- Play with kids paint
- No drawing skills needed
- Type Available :
*Type A - Kids Roller Sponge (Pack of 4)
Approx. 13cm(H) x 10.5cm (L)

*Type B - Kids Rotating Sponge (Pack of 4)
Approx. 11cm(H)x3cm(L)

*Type C - Kids Round Foam Sponge (Pack of 1)
Approx. 9.5cm(H)x9cm(L)

*Type D - Kids Roller (Shape) Sponge (Pack of 4)
Approx. 15cm(H)x8cm(L)

*Type E - Kids Round Shape Sponge (Pack of 6)
Approx. 9.5cm(H)x4cm(L)

*Type F - Kids Roller (Shape) Sponge (Pack of 4)
Approx. 12cm(H)x10cm(L)

*Type G - Kids Broom Sponge (Pack of 2)
Approx. 11.5cm(H)x10cm(L)

*Type H - Kids Roller Sponge (Pack of 3)
Approx. 14cm(H)x6cm(L)

*Type I- Round Foam Sponge (Pack of 1)                                                                                                           Approx. 2.7cm(H)x9.5cm(L)


Highlight :

  • Foldable and portable
  • Blackboard and whiteboard
  • Free chalk, whiteboard eraser, whiteboard marker, modeling magnet, checkerboard paper, chalk connector
  • Large storage space to cultivate children's storage ability
  • There are clips to prevent the paper from falling off easily