Craft. E
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- 4 types with different diameter: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm

- Grey Colour

- Each size have 10 pcs per pack

- Strong magnetic force

-Great for use with craft projects

-Make your own custom magnets or hold photo frames


Craft. E Decoupage Glue And Sealer
- Pack of 2 Bottles ( Glue A + Glue B)
- Glue A: As the base for decoupage tissue (put glue at the base of decoupage tissue)
- Glue B: Apply on the surface of decoupage tissue to protect it
- Glue and sealer (2 in 1)
- Gloss Finishing
- Multisurface
- 30g per bottles
- Water resistant

Talents Art Creation Decoupage Textile

- Gloss Finishing
- Multisurface
- 50ml

- Water based
- Water resistant