Video Tutorial: DIY Silicone Mold

Making your own silicone mold is super easy! What’s more, it can be shaped into anything you wish.

Step 1: Put the master object (the shape that you want to duplicate) into container (A).

Step 2: Wearing disposable gloves, measure out the silicone and hardener in a measuring cup or container (B) at a ratio of 100:2 (100 part silicone, 2 part hardener).

Step 3: Gently stir the mixture with a stirrer for approximately 10 minutes.

Step 4: Pour the mixture slowly, making sure that NO bubbles are formed in container (A). If bubbles appear in the container, try to remove/burst it, since it will affect the final shape of the mold.

Step 5: Wait for at least 24 hours before removing the master object from the mold.

Note: Waiting time varies according to thickness of mold. You can find whether the mold has dried according to how sticky and soft is the mold.

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